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One day in 1946, Frans Deknudt decided to make a mirror. A mirror that was more beautiful, more innovative and of higher quality than the ones available on the market at that time.Seventy years later, Deknudt Mirrors has turned into a company with 110 proud employees. In 1986 Frans’s son, Francis Deknudt, took over the helm. And in 2012 the third generation, led by Jan Deknudt, joined the company. Of course a lot has changed over the years. However, the main theme of the story has always remained the same: offering you, the customer, a fresh, beautiful and high-quality mirror. ‚ÄčThey do that by working closely together. In a warm environment, in which each employee is respected and appreciated. By finding the right balance between gut feeling and reason. And by combining tradition and experience with true innovation.


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Deknudt Decora Flow Copper 2728.131

102cm x 102cm

Deknudt Mirrors is, in the field of decorative mirror, known worldwide and famous for its perfect frames and supports in polyurethane together with the suitable decorations in metal leaf. "Cupper Flow" is a new round mirror with a completely new decoration in bronze colour. This round mirror will certainly cheer up the interior. The nicely carved frame with bowed wavy lines is decorated in silver leaf with reddish copper accents, which makes the light reflect in a different way than that from the central mirror.

Because this product is fragile we deliver using our own transport. Unfortunately due to distance and cost this excludes Scotland. For more information call 0115 9455584 or email