Plantation Rugs Teddy TED01

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This piece from the Teddy collection is sumptuously soft, and is hand-crafted from a blend of polyester, cotton and acrylic. A luxury sheen that you just can't wait to sink your feet into, with beautiful simplicity and a gorgeous chocolate colour.

This shaggy pile rug is contemporary at a huggable, gorgeous level!

Polyester is a synthetic fibre that has a very high-lustre appearance, which translates into rugs of vibrant colours. It is soft to the hand (or foot) and inexpensive. Polyester also comes in some of the richest colours of any fibre. Because it is process-dyed, it has excellent fade resistance. Polyester’s relatively soft fibres give it a rich feel, with high perceived quality – that is, the quality you see in a showroom. The downside is that polyester is not as resilient as other synthetic fibres like nylon, therefore polyester rugs are more susceptible to wear, matting and traffic patterns. Polyester is fairly easy to clean. It resists almost all water-based stains but is susceptible to oil stains. Polyester rugs do not shrink.

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