Alternative Flooring Barefoot Wool Taj Rauza Carpet 5971

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Alternative Flooring Barefoot Wool Taj Rauza Carpet 5971.

Classy and stylish, the elegance of this luxury carpet is clear to see. Choose the Barefoot Wool Taj Bageecha carpet to update your home with style.

Wool is an excellent choice for rugs and carpets; sustainable, strong, hard-wearing, crush-resistant and abrasion-resistant. It is also naturally flame resistant – it smoulders and extinguishes itself instead of burning. Wool is highly resilient to dirt particles and is water resistant. It is an excellent insulator and has one of the highest insulation to weight ratios of any natural or man-made fibre. Wool responds very well to cleaning. This traditional fibre is a great choice for all kinds of floor covers for long term use and will stand the test of time.

Please note that as this yarn is not dyed, the colours are purely dependent on the natural coloured wools which are used and as sheep’s wool can vary in shade from season to season, the yarn suppliers endeavour to match the shades as closely as possible to the original samples but this cannot always be guaranteed.

Heathered carpets are created using random blends of colour, resulting in coloured flecks which are a natural feature of a heathered carpet. The blending process may also result in some linearity which is not always visible on samples and, again, is an inherent design of a heathered carpet and would not be considered a manufacturing fault.

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