A few ways to refresh your home in 2019

Modern furniture and design trends this year are providing an opportunity for an upgrade in the home and office. Though a full renovation might not be on the cards, small touches could make some big changes to your space and make it feel more modern.

Add some texture

2019 is fast becoming the year of velvet. Simply adding a velvet chair, sofa, an ottoman or just some throw pillow will make your space more current.

If velvet isn’t really your thing, don’t worry. Textured furniture of all kinds is on trend for 2019. Incorporating wool, leather or tweed furniture into a room is a simple way to give texture to space.


Minimalism is a big thing in 2019 and means getting rid of your clutter. Clear your shelves and tables of all but the essentials. Invest in some modern storage solutions to enable you to hide more away and try and throw away anything that’s no longer useful.

Removing clutter through a simple enough task does an astonishingly job of refreshing a room and also opens up the space for the potential for a new piece of furniture.

Mix it up

Whether it be metals, materials, textures or colours. Mix them all, in recent year the modern design has been all about mixing and matching. A simple upgrade to achieve this would be to add a couple of different dining chairs to your set or paint a couple of existing ones a different colour to the rest.

Try a coffee table with a different material or metal to the other furniture in the room. The great thing about mix and match is that even the smallest change can make a big difference in creating a more modern feeling room.