Barrier mats
Barrier mats to help keep your carpet clean. All types of flooring get dirty although some show soiling more than others. Wool rich carpets, because of the nature of the wool fibre, will generally hide soiling better than synthetic products and will also be easier to clean. However it is a good idea to use small mats or an off-cut of your new carpet in kitchen doorways or in other areas where the carpet is next to a hard floor to prevent greasy spots spreading to the carpet. Doorways where there is street access will also benefit from a small off-cut or rug. Please remember to keep these mats clean so that soil does not spread from them to the carpet.Kings recommend upright vacuum cleaners or canisters with power brush attachments for cut pile carpets. For loop-pile carpets we recommend a cylinder vacuum cleaner without a brushing action or an upright machine with the brushes raised or turned off.

Vacuuming is the most important thing you can do to keep your carpet clean. You cannot over-vacuum a carpet! We recommend an upright vacuum cleaner with a cylindrical brushing action or a cylinder vacuum cleaner with a power-brush attachment, for cut-pile carpets.


The key to good carpet maintenance is to avoid particles of loose dirt and dust from working their way into the carpet pile where they will act abrasively on the fibres and discolour the carpet.

  • Vacuum your new carpet regularly at least two or three times a week.

  • A large, strong doormat will reduce dirt from outside being spread around the house.

  • Avoid where possible laying light coloured carpets next to external entrances.

  • Loop pile carpets should be vacuumed with a cylinder cleaner using the suction head only.

  • Cut pile carpets should be vacuumed with an upright cleaner with beater bar and brush.

Man-made fibre carpets and wool twist pile carpets should be vacuumed regularly as soon as they are laid to pick up any isolated particles.


Follow these general rules below for dealing with spillages. For more persistent or unusual stains contact a professional carpet cleaner.

  • Spillages are more easily removed if tackled immediately so act promptly and blot off all the liquid stain with dry kitchen roll or a clean dry white cloth. Semi solid substances should be removed with a plastic spatula.
  • To clean off any remaining stain use a clean damp cloth soaked in warm water to blot the stain. Use a dabbing action with the cloth and then blot out the remaining liquid with dry kitchen towel.
  • Do not rub the pile surface of your carpet or oversoak the stain.
  • Always work from the outside of the stain inwards to minimise the stain spreading.