Carpets For Landlords. Coupled with our ability to buy flooring in bulk, we have put together a range of carpets that suits the demands of the rental market perfectly. Our main recommendation here is polypropylene loop pile. Polypropylene is chemically inert and therefore is impossible to dye, this obviously makes it very stain resistant. Very rarely do carpets wear out as most often they get stained. Using a loop pile also guards against inevitable flattening, combining this with a built-in felt backing removes the cost of underlay and gripper rods, and so maximizing your spend and return on investment.

If you prefer something more appealing to the professional client, then our bulk bought 50% and 80% wool products offer excellent value for money. Ask us for a no-obligation quotation, call 0115 9455584 or email Click on images below for room size prices and our full house deals.