Previously Manx Carpets and Mr Tomkinson brands respectively, these two innovative, household names have come together to form the new, combined entity Manx Tomkinson Carpets.

Producing carpets for over 100 years? Well, you'd hope they'd be good at it! Mr Tomkinson house a massive selection of carpets to suit every customers needs, jack of all trades, master of quite a few of them. Combine this learned expertise with fresh, relatively young Manx Carpets, and you're on to a winner. Established for over 30 years, Manx began manufacturing carpets on the Isle of Man, building a reputation for quality, service and reliability.

The tradition, expertise and craftsmanship accumulated over the years now ensure Manx Carpets produce some of the country’s finest wool rich twist pile carpet. Manx Carpets is a proud licensee of the British Wool Marketing Board. Offering a comprehensive range of 80/20 plain and heather wool rich twist piles, textured loop piles and easy clean polypropylene carpets all designed to provide warmth, colour and comfort to complement your home.