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You might be wondering - what kind of carpet should I buy? What kind of carpet do I need?

Well, there are several factors involved in choosing a carpet or, indeed, any other kind of flooring. These kind of questions have to be answered - and if you let one of our staff know the answers to these, it might helo speed up the selection process;

  • How long do I want the carpet to last? Different materials will be more or less resilient to foot traffic in your home.
  • What kind of traffic will go over the carpet? Do you have children, or pets? Is the carpet going in a place where is a lot of activity?
  • How do you you want your carpet to look, and how much maintenance do you want to do? Different pile types will both look and act in different ways.
  • What kind of budget am I working with? Some materials are cheaper than others - for instance, although we generally advise wool as a superior carpet, it is often more expensive than say polypropylene.