Axminster Carpets was one of a large number of manufacturers and retailers to back the Wool Project. The initiative was launched by HRH The Prince of Wales in January 2010 to bring the natural and sustainable attributes of wool to the attention of textile buyers, retailers and ultimately the consumer.

A series of events and programmes were held in October 2010, to regenerate enthusiasm for wool by rebranding it as a fashionable eco-friendly fibre.

As a British carpet manufacturer that consumes over 500,000 kilos of wool per year, Axminster Carpets welcomed this initiative: “We are pleased that His Royal Highness is turning his attention to the promotion of wool and that the efforts are being backed by some of the best known names in British retailing,” says Steve Upperton, Sales Director. “We hope that this will re-focus consumers on the benefits of wool and we are sure that the profile of wool carpets will again be raised through regular coverage in the consumer media, benefitting our network of retailers.”

Axminster Carpets is famed for its wool carpeting and with the recent introduction of the first woolbased carbon neutral domestic range, Swaledale, its position as one of the most renowned wool carpet manufacturers will make it high on the list of considerations for consumers enlightened by the campaign.