Caring for 100% and 80% wool Carpets and Rugs

Caring correctly for any carpet or rug is the key to it looking beautiful for many years.

General maintenance: When your carpet is first fitted, please vacuum it frequently. Some fibre loss or ‘shedding’ is normal for new carpets, it does not affect appearance or performance and soon stops with frequent vacuuming.

Please continue to vacuum regularly throughout the life of your floorcovering. Vacuum carpets or rugs with the beater bar turned off on all loop pile carpets, beater bars can be activated when used on velvets and twist to lift flattened pile.

To lengthen life: Place barrier mats at entrances but clean them often. Use castor mats under all castor chairs. Add furniture cups under the legs of the furniture. Lay non-slip underlay under all rugs. Rotate rugs regularly to spread wear

Spills and stains: Most floorcoverings, like fabrics, will stain from spills of everyday liquids like coffee or red wine. on hand. When you spot a problem, act fast to: Pick up any solids using a spoon or blunt knife. Blot up liquid gently with plain, white, absorbent paper such as kitchen towel, Keep blotting gently, change paper regularly until it comes back dry.

Never rub or scrub which can ‘burst’ the pile surface causing permanent damage. Avoid home cleaning chemicals that may set the stain, damage the pile, or leave a sticky residue prone to re-soiling. If the stain remains the safest choice is to call in a professional carpet cleaner.

Professional cleaning and stain proofing: When your carpet needs a proper clean, you should contact a reputable professional and take their advice as to the best method. For your guidance, they should recommend dry cleaning, hot or cold water wet extraction, but never steam cleaning. Wool floorcoverings must be re-proofed against carpet moth after every deep clean.

Stain proofing treatments won’t make carpets invincible, prompt removal of spills is still key, but treatments should buy time and make stains easier for professionals to remove. It is normal for new wool carpets to ‘shed’ some fibres where footfall is heaviest, sometimes leading to uneven protection. Stain treatments should always be applied by professionals. Stain protection should be reapplied after every deep clean.