This colour has been revealed as Classic Blue and has been cited as the Colour of the Year 2020 by Pantone. This colour is a rich shade, similar to cobalt and between royal and navy blue. Simplistic and elegant with its timeless and enduring hue, Classic Blue is a colour that has been being utilised in homewares throughout history, from glazes in Egypt and glass in the Bronze age to Ming dynasty pottery.

A solid and dependable shade that you can on to make a strong statement, be it as a feature wall, a bold accessory to contrast a natural backdrop or to have it layered with lighter shades of blue for a tonal look.

This is great news for anyone who enthusiastically adopted grey, classic blue will pair well with the shades already in your home so no need to change too much to accommodate the new colour.

This shade has been said to bring calmness and tranquillity to the soul.

Using it in the home

Back in 2013 is when these deep blues started to become popular and have since become even more popular and familiar. A perfect choice for bedrooms or areas of relaxation, it’s a colour you can just get into, blue is the world’s favorite colour after all.

Dark blue cabinets can make a fantastic design statement and look very elegant at the same time. Pairing dark blues with warm natural woods works very well and can bring depth to a neutral colour scheme. Painting walls or ceilings Classic blue works brilliantly as an accent or main colour inside a room scheme.