Adding value to your home

With Brexit coming to fruition, the housing market is looking extremely unpredictable, it’s unlikely that buyers or sellers are going to much effort into their home until the dust settles. That said, if you would like to squeeze as much value out of your home then these tips are catered to you.

New windows

If you want to enhance the appearance and thermal efficiency of your house, then some fresh windows are an excellent option. You're going to save cash on your heating bills, which buyers certainly enjoy, and the fresh smooth look is going to capture your eyes.


Whether the damage is structural or solely cosmetic, resolving some of the problems is certainly worthwhile. If someone who looks at your home notices that the house needs a lot of work to do after purchase, they are much less likely to put in an acceptable offer, or worse, put in an offer at all.

Home office

Because working from home in many professions is becoming the norm, for some, the idea of a home office isn't just attractive, it’s necessary. Whether you can simply rework an existing space or do something a little more DIY-intensive, a home office might be a good place to tempt potential customers to think about your home.

Kerb appeal

What is kerb appeal, you ask? Well, put simply, the attractiveness of your home from the street is kerb appeal. Everyone understands how essential first impressions are and how essential it is to focus on them to boost the kerb appeal of your home.

There are many ways to increase the kerb appeal of your home, here are some common ones:

  • A new front door
  • Freshening up the front of your home with a lick of paint
  • Clean up any clutter on the drive

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