Seams are a necessary part of any carpet installation. Seams in Berber carpets will be visible, due to the loop pile construction, as the carpet is stretched the seam area will peak slightly. Darker-coloured carpets hide seams better than lighter colours. Seams in all-white carpets tend to be the most noticeable. Higher quality carpets have denser pile that hides seams better than less expensive grades. Use The widest width available to avoid joins if possible.Note: occasionally you may see a line running across a newly installed carpet, about one foot in from a wall. This line is not a seam. This mark, known as a "pole mark", results from the carpet being wrapped tightly around a cardboard tube for shipping. The mark will disappear as the carpet becomes acclimatised and is vacuumed. Extra attention to this area during vacuuming will speed the process. For more immediate results, try light steaming of the affected area.