With Velvet, you want to keep the soft lustre you have for many years to come. If you have animal hairs or fuzz that you need to remove, vacuuming with a soft bristle brush will always work if you are gentle (and there are always special velvet attachments you can purchase).

To clean spills from velvet, you must be careful not to rub or dab at the liquid, as this will only push it further into the fabric. It is often recommended to leave some highly absorbent cloth or paper towel on top of the spill for a prolonged period to soak up the excess liquid. Afterwards, air-drying should suffice as long as the spill has not penetrated deeply.

For more difficult stains, one source recommends taking a small amount of warm water in a bowl and mixing in some detergent. After agitating the water to create suds, take the suds only and apply them very gently with a white cloth to the stain – try not to take any water with you! Blot it very softly to remove the stain and the soap residue.

To regain the sheen of your fabric, dry soft-bristle brushes should be used regularly. Steamers, used very gently, will also work well when used in the direction of the fabric’s pile. Although this should be carried out by a professional