Polypropylene is a substance that is chemically inert meaning it is unable to be dyed, though this doesn’t stop it coming in a wide variety of colour options. The colour is added to the liquid form of the material and then locked in during the extrusion into the yarn, this produces a virtual stain-free material that is fine to be bleach cleaned.

This makes for a great minimal maintenance carpet but they do have a downside, and this is their lack of ability to retain their appearance long-term without intervention. The material tends to flatten easily and will need regular vacuuming to keep up its good looks. Longer Saxony piles will need to be groomed daily and short twist piles will even flatten overtime is not looked after.

These carpets also tend to be cheaper especially if going for a more luxurious pile choice, but again will not retain that appearance for as long as wool.



Wool, unlike its petroleum-based counterpart, is a renewable resource, biodegradable and energy-efficient. Nylon will take around 8 times the energy needed to produce the same amount of wool. Wool will keep looking good for longer meaning you will need to replace it less and if disposed of in the correct way it will biodegrade and decompose without producing harmful residues giving back to the earth.

Wool is a great insulator and will prevent heat rising through the floor keeping rooms cooler in the summer and prevents heat loss reducing energy requirements. Wool is even a natural source of air filtration, binding with pollutant gases keeping them locked in and can continue this process for up to 30 years.



In the end these 2 materials both pose benefits and disadvantages but what it boils down to will be your budget, amount of time you plan on staying in your property once installed, the expected performance of said carpet and other factors like how many live there and what their lifestyles are like.

If you would like to get more advice regarding the matters discussed above we are always happy to give you our opinion, at Kings we feel if you are honest about the product then customers can make a better judgement and buy the right carpet to suit their needs making everyone happy.