At this point of the year, you want your home to be a snug retreat where you can relax and hide away from the cold.

So why not give your style a bit of a seasonal shake-up and splurge on some new bit for your home that will help expel that winter blues and create a comfy haven to rest up.


Be cosy but cost-conscious

Set the scene at this time of year with a warming centrepiece. If you own a fireplace then even better, what better time to utilise it, take in that lovely smell of wood burning and to bask in its warming glow.

A little imagination is all you need to spruce up an empty hearth. Try decorating with clusters of pine cones and either real candles or electric ones both provide a flicker of soothing light.


Grab a high-street hidden gem

Supermarket homeware nowadays is of such a high standard you’re not doing yourself any favours if you neglect to check them out. Easily transform a room without breaking the bank with a few selected wallet-friendly bargains.


Borrow colours from natures palette

The warmth of the autumn colour pallet can provide a great remedy to chill in the air. Rich reds and tawny browns are the stars of the show and using these hues with and in your accessories will give the same effect in a room.


Light it up

Lighting is always a must, but even more so in the seemingly perpetual darkness of the wintertime. Introduce more table lamps which can be used to illuminate and focal points you want to highlight to make a room more inviting and of more interest to guests. Even get a little playful with your lights add at this time of year, led lighting is very cheap and can turn a surface that would normally be ignored into a feature of the room.