What does carpet 'face weight' mean?

Face weight has been a common measurement in recent years of durability and quality. Whilst this alone should not be the bottom line for judging which carpet to pick, it is still important to consider. When comparing two otherwise very similar carpet (say, both 100% wool twist pile carpets), face weight will give a good indicator of durability to distinguish the two.

Weight values range from 20oz and 30oz up to a whopping 80oz carpet! These values represent the weight (in ounces) per square yard of carpet. These weights differ from Total Weight in that the latter includes the backing of the carpet in the weight value.

Which face weight is best for me?

Generally, the heavier weight of the carpet, the more resistance it has to flattening from foot traffic and furniture - though, the heavier weight of carpet you go, the more expensive that carpet will be. It is also misleading to believe that the heavier the carpet, the 'higher quality' it is. A carpet with a high weight is more durable, but this is not the single factor determining a carpet's durability - fibre types and materialsused are also very important!

(Another factor worth mentioning here is carpet density. If fibres in a carpet are longer, this may inflate the face weight over a thicker, denser carpet)

Heavier togs (such as 40oz, or 50oz) will do well in high-traffic areas, such as hallways. Lighter togs (such as 30oz) will do better in quieter rooms with less traffic - studies, bedrooms etc.