Luxury silk effect broadloom carpets and rugs are now in high demand. There are many that give the silk effect but use materials that are expensive and suffer from poor stain resistance. These are mainly natural materials, such as rayon or jute, that will stain easily even when clean water is spilt on them. To create the silk look and also get an higher degree of protection, nylon (Polyamide) is a far better material. Although this flooring has a high wear rating, it's appearance retention, like all luxury silk effect carpets, it is down to maintanance. We recommend that you hoover this carpet at least 3 times per week, with a good upright cleaner incorporating brushes. Not only to remove dirt and dust but also to groome the pile. It should be noted that over time foot traffic will flatten the pile in main walkways causing areas of differential wear. Below we have put together a collection of what we think is the best, by performance and also by value, silk effect products on the market. To provide the ultimate service and aftersales backup, these offers only apply to a 40 mile radius of Nottingham. If you have any enquiries please do not hesitate by calling us on 0115 9258347 (Beeston) 0115 9455584 (West Bridgford) or 0115 9670119 (Arnold) or