Coir Boucle Natural
Room Size Price
2m x 4m 310
3m x 4m 450
4m x 4m 585
5m x 4m 710
6m x 4m 850
7m x 4m 985
8m x 4m 1130

We recommend the use of the "Double Stick" system with all natural flooring- The Durafit and Durafit System Ten underlays help stabilize natural floor coverings preventing them from expanding and contracting. This makes for a far better final result when fitted and prolongs the life of the flooring used.‚Äč The above price includes the "Double Stick" System.

Price Promise

Coir Boucle Natural. For coir is the protective, hairy layer that surrounds the nut. And extracting it is a process that takes time. Lots of it. Twelve glorious months of sunshine pass before the fruit has grown to full size. Just before the coconuts ripen, notched tree trunks are climbed and the fruit collected by hand.

The nuts are then suspended in water for up to 10 months, after which they’re beaten to separate out the fibres.

Once dried, cleaned and spun into yarn, this toughest of natural materials can be transformed into something every bit as inviting as the setting from which it came.

Available 4 metres wide only.

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