Twist pile carpets are the most popular of the plain carpets. The huge variety available outweighs all others. Available in many pile weights, from 25 oz, right through to the completely unnecessary 60 oz qualities. Texture also plays a part, from super fine tenth gauge, to chunky rustic twists such Axminster Carpet's Moorland Heather Tweed. Twist pile yarns also come in many plies; the most common single yarn, the more traditional twin ply, and chunky three ply. Twist piles are available in many different materials, such as the inexpensive polypropylene, 100% nylon, 50% wool 50% polypropylene, 80% wool 20% nylon and 100% wool. 80% wool 10% low melt polyester 10% nylon is also commonly used and marketed in many ways such as "tuftbond", "woollock", etc. Wool is very resilient, having the ability to recover it's appearance better than any other fibre. It is warm and naturally clean wearing, due to the natural oils present. Manmade fibres play their part in reinforcing natural fibres - whilst on their own, natural fibres can be extremely hard wearing, they lack the ability to recover and repell stains, without help.