Despite the great swing towards twist pile carpets, velvet pile carpets are still the choice of a reduced, but devoted clientele, who believe that no carpet, other than a fine velvet Wilton, is truly carpet. The carpet world has changed - few people expect to live out their lives in one house, so the market for this very high quality material, that was considered to be a lifetime's investment, has dwindled. It's a great shame, because there is nothing quite so beautiful as a properly fitted, high quality, velvet pile carpet. If you decide to buy a velvet pile, it is very important to understand that, for a given amount of wearability, you must expect to pay more. If you pay the same as you would for a twist pile, you are likely to be disappointed with the appearance, within a short time.

PLEASE NOTE all plain carpets are susceptable to pile reversal and shading, footmarking and tracking. See " Help and Advice Page for more details."