Egger Laminate Flooring. It looks like a beautiful wood floor and feels like it too. Engineers, scientists and designers have invested almost 40 years in research and development to acheive this. Precision technology is used to come this close to nature. A printed decor image with impressive colour resolution, applied to a high density fibre board (HDF) and covered by a robust surface layer (known as overlay) to protect against sharp heels and furniture castors, this is, and remains the recipe for the success of laminate flooring.

Amongst the manufacturer's best kept secrets are the recipes for impregnating resin. These ensure that this protective layer looks great even after the harshest physical performance tests.

Work on the further development of the product has continued intensively since 1977, which is the year that laminate flooring technology was invented. This is why even an expert today would have a difficult time telling the difference between Egger laminate flooring with its perfectly fitting surface and a wood floor just by looking or running a hand over it. For a no obligatetion quotation on any Egger Flooring product do not hessitate to contact us on 0115 9258347 (Beeston) 0115 9670119 (Arnold) or 0115 9455584 (West Bridgford). email