Ted Todd Wood Flooring Primerfast 6kg ACCSUB01

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Ted Todd Wood Flooring Primerfast 6kg ACCSUB01. Only to be Sold When Purchaseing Ted Todd Wood Flooring

Primerfast is a fast-drying, single-component polyurethane primer. It is suitable for absorbent and non-absorbent subfloors.

Fast-drying within 45-50 minutes (20C and 50% RH).

Furthermore, it is solvent and water-free. The product is also odourless.

Suitable for under-floor heating (single coat no DPM).

Application with Nylon Roller.

Coverage 120-450g/m².

2 coat DPM up to 5% CM (5% CM at 6cm screed depth).

The design and manufacture of all Ted Todd wood floor accessories are specifically and exclusively for their own hardwood floors. The accessories are an intrinsic part of their hardwood floors. They recommend that customers always use their accessories with hardwood floors. As a result, this will guarantee you the perfect installation and maintenance every time.

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