Every piece of luxury upholstered furniture shown on this part of our site is made using only the finest natural materials of which many of the styles are still based on original designs. Being built by hand in the best workshops in England, the skilled craftsmen creating these first degree items are continuing the traditions of classic craftsmanship developed by generations gone by. The Beech or Birchwood used is seasoned for upto seven years on the custom made frames, each hand jointed and built to exact specifications.

The mesh top coil sprung seat unit are custom made and of the highest quality to produce the finest sit for each individual sofa. Seat cushions are hand stuffed with a mixture of duck down and duck feathers,fibre or a combination of both to attain the right degree of softness, comfort and durability. The cutting and positioning of the final cover takes great skill and meticulous attention to detail. Finally the cover is matched perfectly from front throught to the back. Only a sofa produced in this way will provide its owner with an unparalleled degree of comfort and beauty for many years to come.