With only a couple of months before Santa comes back around, you’re surely starting to fill up with stress thinking about entertaining guests, particularly if you haven’t decorated your home for a while. Don’t worry though getting your home up to scratch for those spontaneous visits is easy.

Get things organised

It can be therapeutic to organise your home; at Christmas time you’re only going to acquire more stuff so why not have a bit of clear out prior. Getting rid of things that you don’t need will make it easier to create a blank canvas and allow you to be more creative.

This is a more important task for families with children that are growing out of their toys and who will be getting new ones for Christmas. Just donate the old toys to your local charity shop or leave them out for the ones that collected from the doorstep.

Add a touch of sparkle

Use metallic wallpaper to create a luxurious feel and look, while using some golden wallpaper designs to nicely accent alongside your seasonal decoration.

Why not work some vintage damask into more communal areas so your guests get to appreciate them fully, it’s sure to make guests feel more at home with its classic looks. For the guest bedroom(s) try a regent red coloured wallpaper to make it feel more at home and cosy.

Finishing touches

Finishing touches can make a massive difference. Easily create a winter feel in any room with a simple piece of wall art. Experiment with the accent colours of your walls and consider the overall theme of the room when selecting the wall art for your walls.

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