The living room is heart of the home and deserves to look good; it’s where you, your friends and your family will spend a lot of their time. With some simple changes and updates you can freshen up the room but without breaking the bank, even a small edit can maximise the potential of an otherwise unutilised area or space and quickly start to transform your living room.

Hang some or more mirrors

An excellent alternative to hanging artwork, mirrors can be hung in groups to create the impression of more space and will reflect the opposite wall, great for breaking up a dark paint shade.

Use simple artwork grouped together

Get some low cost frames and use simple artwork such as a page from a magazine, a poster or a piece of artwork done by your child. Using various shapes and sizes work best, now group them together and arrange the frames to your liking. The idea is to create an arrangement that will create an impact rather than the actual piece of art itself; they are not the focal point here.

Give your existing furniture a makeover

A brilliantly easy way to give your room an update is to choose a simple piece of existing furniture and give it a lick of paint in a fresh new colour; make it stand out and want to be used. Have a neutral colour scheme try dark colour to add grandeur or if your scheme is fairly dark in theme give your piece of furniture a bold new colour such as neon blue or sunshine yellow to add bit of fun to the room.

Add some cactuses
The humble cactus is a brilliant house plant; they don’t require much maintenance and will last for years, couple that with placing them in their own individual glass jars, maybe with a little sand added and you’ve got your own little window in to another world that you can place on the window sill or mantel of your choice