Home decor trends for 2019

There is no way anyone can escape trends. You don’t have to live by them but you will always be aware of them, however, there are some people that absolutely live by them. Trends can be from popular paint colour to furniture choices. Everything within our homes is influenced by the trends that are around. Trends change fast, but some stick around for years such as the Nordic trend. Carry on reading to find out what many of the trends are for spring/summer 2019 these offer a way to update your existing decor. This is good because it means you don’t have to redecorate your whole home to keep up with the trends.

Nordic Retreat

The Serene Scandi style helps you update your current decor by using bits of patterns and texture. This trend makes a big impact even if it's underrated. This season the scandi look is layered with different textures, making the look, have depth. This creates a space that is inviting and a place you can go to get away from the world. Last years season looks were all about patterns that were global-inspired. 2019 is more about the simple pattern.

Refined Glamour

2019 is all about the more elegant, and not as much sheen. Mixed together are materials like pewter, marble and velvet looking prepossessing to make decorative details. From lampshades all the way to wall hangings, you will see fringing, it’s all in.

Global Essence

This trend is a trend we saw last season, is a celebration of globally inspired patterns. This look is all about the blending of paisleys, ikats and complex Indian block prints. Its all about detail when creating this look. Tassels, pom poms, macramé detailing will be everywhere from cushions to wall art. Also adding hand-thrown pottery into the mix also makes it even better.

Modern Maker

When using this trend, you are looking to create a look that is embracing the natural woods, textural weave and the sculptural things of rattan and wicker. Its all about the raw beauty, imperfect finish. To pull this look off you have to make natural materials look stylish without an effort. Also, the main purpose of this look is to remind us all nothing is perfect and it shouldn’t be sneered at we should embrace it. The colour palette for this trend is mainly neutral, this creates a calm backdrop.