Home Trends for Autumn and Winter 2019

Sustainable and longevity trends in homeware are more crucial than products that will only be popular for a restricted span of time.

Retro Fusion

The first trend we are going to feature and mention is retro fusion. This nostalgic trend honours and re-enacts mid-century house interiors and styles from the past. The colour palettes of the 1950s and 1970s, like greens and mustards, and the photo decoration of the 1920s, all fit into this trend. You can find clean rows and modern patterns coupled with brass and wood.

World Essence

Consumers are looking for genuine homeware products that carry impact from all over the world. They want products that tell a story with a layer of interest. This design is ideal for rugs, ceiling hangings, wicker boxes and pottery. There is a celebration of handmade imperfections and no two things are the same.

Nordic Influence

The Scandinavian peaceful style is enhanced with designs and texture hints. Following this pattern, homewares are used to produce a comfortable and calm environment. The things prevalent here are common neutral colours, bleached trees and simplistic designs. With this trend in home decor, sustainability and eco-friendly products are fairly common.


This trend of home decor dresses the house with simplicity and glamour. To define this style, opulence is the ideal term. Fringing is and remains a micro-trend that suits under sophisticated glamour in the future.