How to keep your house cool this summer

We Brits are never really prepared for hot weather because we rarely have it. When the temperatures get hot, we turn into people that are always complaining (even when it's raining we ask for it to be sunny and hot) and end up getting a restless nights sleep from not being able to be cool enough. Also, the old trusty fans come out, for us to sit in front in the hopes to cool down.

There are alternatives then electronics to keep you cool in the summertime. Follow our top tips:


When the worlds “building insulation “is mentioned most people automatically relate it with winter and cold weather. It is just as good for keeping heat out as it is for keeping it in.

Switch it off

A massive amount of heat is created by appliances around your house. By switching them off it will help to keep the internal heat on the lower side. Turn your appliances of when they are not in use, no not just to standby, fully of because even when on standby they generate heat. You should also make sure the backs of your fridges and freezers have plenty of space because of ventilation. Also, because the summer means more light for longer, you should need your lights on because 1. You’ll be wasting electricity and 2. They create a massive amount of heat. If you need lights on then by switching to a low energy bulb will reduce overheating.

Be a fan of the fan

Fans can be your best friend when the summer heat comes along, even if it just to cool your bedroom so you can sleep. But let’s make sure you are using the right. We all know that heat rises right so the coolest air in the house will be ground level so put your fan on the floor and point it upwards. Make sure to position it outwards towards the wall opposite wall, this will help bounce the cooler air off the walls and back into the room. If you need this process to be faster but icy cold water in front of the fan so the air blows across it.

Water wisdom

You don’t want your house to look untidy, by leaving bowls of water around, but this can help cool down hot air. Also, trees and plants are natural air conditioners and produce moisture into the atmosphere. So maybe invest in a houseplant. Remember to water it.

Window work

It is always tempting just to open your windows when you feel the heat, but it will backfire on you. You want to keep your house cool, so you need to keep the hot air out. Keeping your windows closed and covered by blinds or curtains during the day will help. At night time when the temperature has dropped, open everything up and give your house a good airing out.

If you feel like you really must open the window, open one on the other side of the house and leave doors open so the air can float around. But keep curtains and blinds closed so you don’t allow direct sunlight in.

When opening sash windows make sure top and bottom are both open equally amounts. This is a theory the Victorians said help to push cool out the top and cooler air comes in through the bottom.