Living room colours bringing in character and personality

Colours are related to many things in life like your mood, or personality. Colours make up you as a character. So why not get a living room colour scheme, that helps express you as your own person.
So here are a few options from us to you about living room schemes.

Make it multi-coloured

Your family space is the one where you go wild, have a sense of fun within your family room. Go big on the colour. For this option, you could paint the walls white to make the colour your about to add in really pop. Why not chose a low-slung, colourful sofa. Or if you don’t want a colourful sofa why not get other furniture that is colourful or mixes and match the colours just to make your family space feel like home but fun.

Go deep

If you’re a risky person, this option is for you. Use a deep grey or a shadowy tone to add a moody vibe to a place where you can relax, and feel cosy. You can do this kind of thing in a library if you have one. It’s a good idea to make an entire backdrop by painting any radiators, matching shelves and get the same colour carpet.

Seek harmony

In the colder months, it’s a good idea to warm up your living room by adding purple, lavender and pretty much any plum tones. To prevent the scheme to go overboard use soft grey for different elements within the room and also accessories.

Match walls and shelving

Having wall and shelves in the same shade is a good trick if you have boxed shelving that runs floor to ceiling or wall to wall.

Take on turquoise

Adding a vibrant shade to your room will add a character and personality at both night time and day time. For example, picking a turquoise tone that isn’t too overwhelming. If you add that turquoise in it’s perfect to mix with mid blue. By going with this option, you should keep your flooring a lot paler for the balance but do the colour along the woodwork, architraves and skirting. Add in a hint of white within shelving, furniture, lighting and things you hang on your walls.

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