Making the most of your hallway and landing space

We want them to look as neat and clean as possible when it comes to our homes. This can sometimes be tricky though, especially if we have more stuff than space for storage.


If you have an area under stairs in the hallways, this will undoubtedly become a little dumping ground. But it's not supposed to be.

Instead, you can introduce some new stands and hooks once you've decluttered and only kept the items you need. These are the perfect place to hang the coats you're using all the time, along with any hats, and even winter scarves and gloves and umbrellas.

They will also help add a new decorative point as you transform the entire under stairs into an open plan storage area for coats and accessories.

New Furniture

These places are also an excellent place to add fresh furniture, which can also be replicated as storage.

The introduction of some seating that can be opened for storage will help you transform an otherwise dead room into an exciting nook that can be used for reading, but also helps to keep the location clean. Also, shoe racks that look like drawers would look nice, helping to hide the sight of messy laces on the floor of the hallway.

New Cupboards

These spaces will come in useful if you are severely missing the storage room.

Whether hanging coats or placing items like a vacuum cleaner in a walk-in cupboard, to those with shelves that you can then store multiple items in, the choices are nearly endless.

Like those next to a chimney breast, this can also be done with small nooks in the building. So, just believe about what else you could do, rather than putting a big plant there.

Utilise The Cupboard

To end on, are you making the most of the cupboard space you have?

Whether it's a newly built one, or one that already exists, try introducing specific boxes for specific items so you can keep it all organised and clean. Not only will this create the most of your home's storage room, but it will also assist in making it a little more organised in your house. Who’s not going to want that?

If you have open shelves, you can use them the same way, making the room look much cleaner than before, just make sure you buy boxes that fit your decor.