It might seem like the wrong thing to do or even a design blunder to add a rug to an already carpeted room, but done right it can create different sectors in a room and if you are renting a property it can improve the overall look of the room and add a little of your own touch to it.

When laying any rugs on or off carpet make sure it is not a trip hazard for anyone living in the property, especially for the elderly.

Areas of high traffic will benefit from placing a washable hallway runner which will prevent the carpet from gaining excessive wear. These carpets, due to the repeated walking they will encounter will often shift so choosing one with a foam backing is ideal as well as picking a colour that will blend or complement your homes colour scheme of course.

Define sectors or areas of interest in larger rooms, for example place a rug in front of your mantel piece which houses all of your fancy ornaments to attract people to this spot, place under a coffee table or sofa to emphasise them in the room or if your dining room and kitchen share the same floor space use a rug to differentiate between them, giving them both their own personality and look.

Talking of dining rooms, these are great places to place a rug. Not only does it help define the eating area, if placed under the dining table and chairs it will also act as a great food cache stopping your main carpet being stained or damaged. It’s always cheaper to replace a rug rather than a carpet.

This idea of avoiding stains is also perfect for anyone renting a property and wants to avoid damaging or staining the carpets and potentially having to pay out for them.

Colourful patterned rugs will work well on carpets with a low pile and a neutral colour, the colour of carpet will create a framed look around the colourful rug. Do avoid mixing different textures of carpet and rug, for example if your carpet is high pile then don’t choose a high pile rug to place on it rather go for a low pile.

If you would like any more advice or information on choosing a rug, then please give us a call on 0115 9258347 or email us at where a member of staff will be only happy to assist.