Rug Placement Ideas for the Home

Rugs are great things, they are able to make space look welcoming and soft. They help make a room have a cosier feeling. They can often become the focal point. Rugs are a great thing to add into

your home. We have some rug replacement ideas to give your room a refreshing feel.

Get the size right:

Before you even think about going to pick a rug up it's important you think about what size rug you want. You should know what you want it to cover and not to cover.

Don’t be afraid of geometric:

Patterned rug with geometric on makes the room look great and it can go with both solid or patterned fabrics.

Don’t be obscure to beauty:

If you find a rug that you really like why hide it by furniture. If you are thinking about placing it under a table, you should put it under a glass one instead of a wooden one. Glass tables fit in traditional designs, as well as modern.

Expand the room with wide & striped:

By getting a rug with striped like a zebra can help make a space appearance of being wide than what it actually is. Using a large scale of florals and vertical or horizontal stripes will make a room look more spacious. Vertical stripes will make a low ceiling look taller, and horizontal stripes will visually widen a small room.

Define an area of traffic:

By using runner rugs, you can create different transitions between one room to another. Define the traffic lanes in your home and make the transitions into them interesting.