Rugs are a great addition to any home, they have the ability to transform a space, soften the appearance of a room, give a definition of your style, make a room feel cosier and some are even considered pieces of art that simply can be shown off to become the focal point.

Below we have some rug placement ideas to consider for placing a rug in your home.

Give your living room a refresh with some simple changes and updates

Expand the room with wide & striped

Choosing a wide rug that has bold stripes such as black and white zebra-esque one can give a space the appearance of being wider than it actually is.

Don’t obscure its beauty

Found a rug that you have fallen in love with, why keep it covered up and hidden by furniture. If placing under a table go for a glass one rather than the opaque wooden one. The best part; glass tables fit into both modern and traditional design.

Don’t be afraid of geometric

Geometric patterned rugs look brilliant in even the most tradition of places and can pair up great with both solid and patterned fabrics.

Get the size right

It’s important to think about the size of the rug and what you want it to cover and not cover. For example, if you are placing a rug in a dining room you will want to have enough amount of rug so that it spans a distance that will allow the chair to be slid in and out of the table without leaving the area of the rug and getting caught on the edge of it.

Define area of traffic

Use a rug to define the major traffic lanes in your home, using runners you can create interesting transitions between one place and another.