It’s almost time for students to return back to their University, and for many it’s the start of their very first term on campus. If you’re a student, it stands to reason that create a home away from home is a priority, but that being said, it doesn’t warrant a huge budget to get some really great results.

Add fabrics to bland furniture

After a busy day of lectures, you want to be able to return back to a room which embodies relaxation. Yes a cosy bed and desk chair are pretty essential, but they aren’t always the nicest pieces of furniture to look at. Try using colourful pillows or layering throws and blankets over your furniture to make your room feel more inviting.

Open the room up with mirrors

Mirrors are perfect for creating an illusion of space - especially useful if your first student digs are a little less spacious than you’d hoped. As well as opening up your room, mirrors also provide a great focus point, to further inject some personality into your space.

Create clever storage solutions

Even though you said you wouldn’t do it, chances are you’ve brought way too much stuff to Uni with you. By transforming some plain storage boxes to match your room’s decor, you can not only store away those shoes you (probably) won’t wear, but you can also slide them under your bed or stacked into the corner out the way.

Add a rug for warmth

Nothing says comfort like a rug and rugs in colours like warm pastels, soft reds and copper are great seasonal colours and can transform a room without the need for dramatic changes. They can also hide any unwanted stains left from previous tenants!

Use lighting for atmosphere

Decent lighting will always go a long way to making your room feel more cosy, especially for late night revision cramming or entertaining your flatmates. From fairy lights, to desk lamps and everything in between, when you can’t make the most of natural lighting, there are a number of ways to inject some light into your room without it breaking the bank.


Your University years should be the most exciting time of your life, and if this is the first time you’re spending time away from home or maybe you’re moving out of Halls and into a bigger space, some of these tips may help to transform your dreery bedroom into a place you can be proud of. Make sure you check back in with our blog soon for more interior design tips, trend advice and much more.