Top 5 Autumn Winter Design Trends for 2018

As temperatures drop and the nights begin to draw in, your home’s sunny colour palette and summer textures may start to look a little out of place. It’s time to make some tweaks and dress your home for the crisp seasons of autumn and winter, with our top interior design trends to suit those darker nights.

Darker palettes

A seasonal transformation would be nothing without a rich colour palette. Create that cosy ambience with rich darker shades, including greys and purple tones. Luxurious navy and golds are perfect for an intimate, elegant space - exactly where you want to be on those colder nights.

Layering textures

Forget matching textures perfectly, in fact, a huge winter trend for this year is quite the opposite. A wide range of intriguing textures, including pairing leather and wool, is a must-do this season. Try adding stunning layers of unusual textures to bring depth and quirkiness to any room.

Big florals

The simplest way to transition from summery, tropical patterns is to opt for large floral pieces. The key here is big and bold. Go bright with cushions, bedding or murals and keep the rest simple so that the floral elements become the star of the show.

Black simplicity

After copious years of monochrome magic, this trend brings twist on one of the key players, allowing black to take centre stage in the form of bold accessories. Combine this blocky statement colour with tactile textures, pastels and white to bring those darker shades to life.

Scandi style

The ever-popular Scandi look has evolved, in favour of vintage Scandi transformations. To achieve an effortlessly stylish room, layer up different textures to create an inviting space perfect for curling up on those winter nights. Choose a delicate colour palette like lavender or sage and place it next to dark wood.


You don’t have to give your home an entire makeover in order to make it ready for winter. You can pick up a few statement pieces of furniture or accessories and follow these tips to make a big difference on a smaller budget. If you need some advice on how to transform your home in time for winter, why not give us a call on 0115 925 8347 or fill in our contact form.