Autumns not far away now and as the nights get darker and the days shorter, you may start to think about making some changes to your home. Below are our forecast for what trends will be in and which ones will out.

Trends Going:

All whites
Tired of the lack of colour in your life, then you’re in for a treat. Those all white interiors are on the way out as warm, rich colours are set to be embraced for the interior in the autumn months.

Don’t panic, it’s not the real copper fixtures that you may have decorating your home. Rather it’s those obviously non genuine accents that have been flooding in to homes of late. Classic aged brass is the new way to go.

Trends Coming:

Techless Spaces
Sometimes feel overwhelmed by the amount of tech around you in life then you might like this one. There’s a trend coming for dedicating a space in your home to be essentially tech free, where you can relax and forget about the busy world around us.

Dark, deep greens
Outside might be shedding it green colour in favour of oranges and browns so now the perfect time to get it back by bringing it in to the home. This is especially the case for kitchen cabinets and when combined with leather or natural wood it combined perfectly to create a cosy feel.

Outdoors for longer
It might be getting colder but that doesn’t mean people want to stop being outdoors, being outdoors is much more popular than before and people want to stay there for longer. To achieve this there is going to be a trend of investment in deep seated outdoor patio areas and for those going the whole hog even installation of fire pits and outdoor burners.