The lives we live are ever getting busier and more hectic, we are spending more time out of home than in it. Our lives are now so full of frenzy that we must take the time to slow down a little bit.

Unfortunately for a lot of us, this isn’t something that still comes naturally and relaxation needs to be forced upon ourselves.

A chaotic disorganised home is not a relaxed one, but don’t fret, there are a few straightforward basic things that we can do to create a more pleasant and peaceful home to return to after a busy day.

· Invest in some flowers, they are very soothing both aromatically and visually.
·  Place candles around to add an air of calm, but try and stay away from the scented versions as they can sometimes be a little overwhelming.

· Let in the light, don’t block out a rooms natural sunlight. Natural sunlight is a great spirit lifter, so be sure to keep curtains and drapes fully open and blinds pulled up.

· What paint colours you choose to use in your home can have a distinct effect on your mood. Go with blues, greens and greys to create a more relaxing atmosphere, white and beige are also suitable but stick with natural tones. When it comes to furniture and fabrics bright colours tend to energise, so stay away from them if you want a calm and relaxing room.

· Clear your clutter, its distracting and will instantly create a sense of disorder. Ornaments and trinkets should be tucked away and replaced with fresh flowers and plants.

· Grab a good book and surround yourself with soft throws and cushions.