Jim Dickens, born in 1901 was the grandfather of the company’s founder. He inspired his grandson into the textile and design industry.

Back in the good one days, James started out as an upholsterer, based in the Black Country, where he honed his skills as a craftsman before moving to London in the 1930s. James then pursued a career working as a Fabric and Passementerie agent for the Art Textile Company of Featherstone Street.

In 1984, influenced by his artistry, skills and passion, Dominic Morgan went to follow his grandfather into learning the upholstery trade. Prior to starting he honed his skills working for certain European textile companies. Dominic travelled to the British Isles supplying furniture craftsmen and design firms with weaves, velvets from mills based in Turkey and Belgium.

Back in 1994 Dominic created Loomcraft, which was a retail shop in the city of Litchfield in Staffordshire. It became a superb supplier of fabrics imported from all over Europe. He set out to create his own fabrics for the UK marketplace, using his wealth of knowledge when it came to compositions and designs. This initial work would establish Jim Dickens in 2004.

In 2013, the Welsh print based company Elanbach became another brand alongside Jim Dickens. Elanbach had soft prints, that worked excellently alongside the quality designs and heavy weaves that made the Jim Dickens range. The prints were created from a building close to the current location in Litchfield. They now digitally print out to order samples and obtain across from across the Globe.

Today, the team has evolved into a strong, dedicated team of people that are based in Litchfield providing personal service with a bespoke feel. They supply stunning quality fabrics to clients across the Globe. Having been established for over ten years, Jim Dickens is growing from strength to strength within the textile industry that was created almost 100 years ago.

Here at Kings Carpets we stock the complete Jim Dickens range. For further information please call 0115 925 8347 or email us at info@kingsinteriors.com.