Far from now, prehistoric man explores Wyandotte Cave in Indiana. From what archeologists can tell, they remained there - gathering resources, exploring, and living. All of this was done by torchlight; primitive bark structures struck alight and used to navigate and warm themselves. Here in Nottingham, in the 21st Century, we have evolved somewhat from this ancient way of thinking whilst still keeping some core values at heart.

Lighting warms and completes a home, or any living space, and is essential to productive modern life. However, we believe that one should not have to choose between design and functionality; and that is why we only stock the highest quality, most stylish lamps and light fixtures here at King's. Mindy Brownes, Genesis, Light & Living, Uttermost Lighting, and R V Astley are all designer brands available at Kings of Nottingham. We are now operating online only for all furniture until our new showroom is open