Brink and Campman Scion Collection Spike Marine 26808

Price Promise

This piece from the Scion collection has a cushioned, silky finish, and is hand-made from 100% soft, new wool and a low pile height. Adapted from, or inspired by Scion's most popular designs, this stylish and imaginative collection is cutting-edge.

Combining bold contemporary colour with powerful graphics motifs, these refreshingly original rugs create a diverse range of looks and will enhance any interior scheme.

Wool is an excellent choice for rugs and carpets; sustainable, strong, hard-wearing, crush-resistant and abrasion-resistant. It is a naturally flame resistant – it smoulders and extinguishes itself instead of burning. Wool is highly resilient to dirt particles and is water resistant. It is an excellent insulator and has one of the highest insulation to weight ratios of any natural or man-made fibre. Wool responds very well to cleaning. This traditional fibre is a great choice for all kinds of floor covers for long term use and will stand the test of time.

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