Brockway Carpets Akaroa is a luxurious carpet created using 100% Laneve wool from Wools of New Zealand. Laneve is fully traceable back to identifiable farmers who meet a comprehensive range of environmental, social responsibility and animal welfare standards, making it an ideal choice for the eco-conscious purchaser who doesn't want to compromise on quality.Akaroa comes in ten delicate pastel stock colours, all available in 5m, 4m and 1m widths. In addition, a bespoke colour service means that Akaroa can be matched to virtually any colour reference provided. Bespoke colours are available in 4m & 5m widths. Call Kings for the very best fully fitted prices on all Brockway Carpets or email with sizes or plans for a quotation.Beeston store 0115 9258347 Arnold Store 0115 9670119 or West Bridgford 0115 9455584.

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