Many of our new customers ask us about our fitting standards. Whilst testimonials are useful, we feel that pictures speak for themselves. We have tried over the years to photograph as much work as possible, to allow new customers to see the quality of our worksmanship. Some of the most difficult work is carried out when fitting patterned carpets, especially when combined with borders. The ability of the fitter to precision cut, mitre the corners and consider the pattern, all at the same time, is the ultimate test. The resulting job has to look perfect, and has to be constructed to the highest standard to avoid the work fraying and separating under heavy use. We hope these images illustrate our commitment to using only the very best carpet fitting skills and expertise in our installations. Thank you to our happy customers for allowing us to photograph the finished work. If you would like to contact us for any enquiry please call on 0115 9455584 or e-mail