The Asiatic Atera rug features a multi-dimensional soft acrylic pile and a unique pattern that varies in shape and design with each colour option. This stylish piece will bring any room's decor together and is available in a range of on-trend colour options to perfectly match your room of choice.

Acrylic is a fine, soft, and luxurious fabric used in many rugs to give striking colours as well as good stain resistance. Acrylic fabric is made from a man-made fibre that gives the appearance and feel of wool. It dyes well, taking vibrant colours well. The fabric breathes, it absorbs and releases moisture quickly. Crucially for rugs Acrylic resists moths, oil and chemicals, and also sunlight degradation. It is softer than wool but does not deal with crushing as well. Acrylic rugs offer a similar texture to wool at a lower price-point. The material is very resistant to stains and damage with excellent colour fastness. For the latest promotional offer on this product click here